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I will be showing and selling some of my new work from the series "Spoils" at Catchlight Sudio in the Fitch Building in Des Moines,IA September 5th from 5pm-9pm. This series continues my exploration of the industrial past of Iowa.

Coal mining in Iowa started in the mid 1800's and hit it's peak in 1918. Coal was used for heating and cooking but the big consumer of coal was the railroad. Coal hasn't been mined in Iowa since 1995.
There are hundreds of abandon coal sites in Iowa. Most of the sites are the remains of surface mining. Referred to as spoils, these piles, ridges and mound are so acidic that little will grow on them. The Mines and Minerals Bureau has been diligently working to eliminate the hazardous remains through the Abandon Mined Land Reclamation Act.

Also I will be showing and selling from the last series "Artifacts of Industry" at reduced prices.